1.5 million and counting – Huge December boost to vaccination campaign

Vaccination teams across the Frimley Health and Care area have risen to the national booster challenge in style, delivering 226,270 doses (1st doses, 2nd doses, and boosters) to local people in a single month (December 2021).

Figures released this week show that the number of Covid-19 jabs administered since the vaccination campaign began over a year ago is 1,521,314 across the Frimley Health and Care population of approximately 800,000.

Since December 1, 2021, vaccinators have carried out 10,165 first dose vaccinations, 14,219 second doses and 213,482 boosters.

Sarah Bellars is the Executive Director of Nursing for NHS Frimley Clinical Commissioning Group and the Frimley lead for Infection Prevention and Control – which includes the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

She said: “The vaccination teams across the area, from Slough in the north to Farnham in the south, were already doing an amazing job before the omicron variant of the virus arrived in Britain. Since the Prime Minister made his call for a massive booster drive to protect people from the new variant, the teams have stepped up their already impressive efforts even further.

“Health and care organisations staff across the area have been redeployed to provide extra support, more vaccinators and volunteers have come forward and together they have been able to meet this challenge.

“As a result we’ve had the capacity we’ve needed to support local people – and we’re calling on anyone not fully vaccinated to come forward.”

Across the Frimley area, vaccination services are operating a booked appointment system, with invitations sent out to residents. However, anyone who has not had their first dose is encouraged to walk-in to any vaccination service, where they will be welcomed and supported to begin the process towards becoming fully vaccinated. Alternatively anyone over the age of 12 can book a first or second dose appointment via the national booking system: www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination/

Booster shots can be booked by people over the age of 18. Anyone with a severely weakened immune system can also use the national system to book a third vaccine dose, while 16 and 17-year-olds who are classed as high-risk or are frontline health and social care workers can book their booster.

Second doses for people over 18 can be booked from eight weeks after the first dose. Those under 18 will be offered second dose appointments 12 weeks after the first. An individual must have approval from their GP to receive the second dose any sooner.

Booster appointments can be booked 61 days after the second dose and received 91 days after the second dose.

Further information, including vaccination after a positive Covid-19 test can be found on the national booking site.